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How do I become a member?


You must go through our cohort induction process to become a member of the AWS.


We are a community organization of creative writers. The concept of the cohort process is that in order to join, you must write. The writing doesn't have to be good, but it has to be done.

We offer several cohorts throughout the year that are directly catered to the writer’s interests. The purpose of this process is to leave writers with something tangible to show for their time; a page of new ideas, a new story, a rewritten outline, or first draft.

Once you submit the forum below, we will begin pairing you with a coach and other writers according to the cohort you select. From there, you will work with your coach to create a syllabus with an end goal that has the consensus of all cohort members.  As a non-profit and "for community by community" organization, we do request a $10 annual AWS membership dues.


Some folks may be available for weekly meetings while others might want to commit to bi-monthly meetings. Regardless, the Atlanta Writer’s Society welcomes all types of schedules and levels of commitment. Once you are a member, we will provide you with as much privacy or community as you desire.

The Atlanta Writers' Society Sign Up Form

Thanks for submitting!

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